Visualive Productions was created in 2019 as an audiovisual production company focusing on supporting communication teams from institutions and organizations in bringing their audiovisual content to the next level. From the recording of institutional statements to the planning and the production of large public live events, we have gained extensive experience and knowledge in a wide range of audiovisual services.

How do we work

Depending on each project and its stakes, as a production company we bring in professionals from fields such as videography, photography, lighting, graphic design, illustration and animation, sound design, music production, audio capturing, scripting, online communications, and IT, providing our clients and partners a "one-stop shop" to their audiovisual needs. Our service approach is oriented to building trust and making the production process as convenient and efficient as possible while keeping the highest quality standards.

One camera shooting

statements, short interviews, professional online/virtual presentations, and B-roll.

Multi-camera live action

we specialize in live productions. Whether it is a recording or a live broadcast of an event, we use edgy TV production techniques, such as camera switching, brand and pre-recorded media integration and sound mixing to create engaging live content. This approach allows us to deliver content immediately, ready to be used for distribution, avoiding spending hours and hours of work in post-production.

Hybrid and online events

during the pandemic, we have gained experience in producing events mixing live and online speakers and audiences.

In the studio

Visualive Productions recently launched its fully customizable and equipped studio for small video productions at the heart of the Geneva International area. For no extra fees, you can profit from a completely controlled environment in terms of image, lights and sound for your recordings.

Recent clients and partners

H20 Summit
Artemia Executive
World Economic Forum
International Olympic Committee
DCAF - Geneva Centre for Security Sector Governance
Principles for Peace Foundation
WMP Creative